South Side STEM Opportunity Landscape

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Argonne in partnership with Northwestern University’s Digital Youth Network, will lead the efforts of STEM asset mapping nine communities on Chicago’s south side, cataloguing STEM assets from Kindergarten to career.

Leveraging Digital Youth Network's OST Landscaping toolkit, the initiative will capture and openly share community level data to inform programming, policies, and strategies that advance and support robust STEM education and workforce development activities.

Curated Conversation Visualizations

Dive into interactive visuals that break down ideas, trends, and opportunities. Explore the project's landscape through easy-to-understand graphics, making it accessible for our friends in the South Side of Chicago

Explore relationships

Navigate the city's network of organizations in a way that resonates with you, fostering a deeper understanding of the interwoven fabric that binds those in the vibrant communities of the South Side of Chicago.

Explore maps

This section unveils the physical presence of various city-wide organizations. With ArcGIS, we've crafted a tool that maps and enhances our understanding of the physical relationships in the South Side of Chicago.

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The 9 South Side Communities

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